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Read on for more about Helen Diplock, and the story behind Web Alchemy

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Helen Diplock with Rosie

Hi there!  I’m Helen, founder of Web Alchemy, pictured here with my littlest sidekick, RoRo. 

RoRo is the reason why I launched my website business.  When she was born, I was thrown into a whole new world of advocating on her behalf.  Plus I suddenly found myself needing a new creative outlet, and web design filled that gap. 

I’ve always been creative, loved working with people, and just a little bit techy. 

These have all come together in webdesign, the perfect fusion!

I am taking my 20 years experience of problem identification and solving, of working with clients, of understanding users – combined with my love of working with people and creating beautiful websites. 


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Helen Diplock with Rosie

Web Alchemy isn’t a big design agency, on purpose!  It’s not about being led by sales figures and profit margins.  

My vision of web alchemy is simple: creating beautiful and functional websites.

As needed, I bring in other team members – trusted and skilled freelancers who excel at photography, copywriting, graphic design, SEO or coding.  


Outside of web design, I just love tea and cake, gardening, cooking and baking, going for long walks on the South Downs, meeting up with friends, and spending time with my wonderful family.

What about you? What’s your passion and the one thing that gets you up in the morning?  Drop me an email and let me know!


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