Are you fed up with stressing over the tech aspects of your website? Do you wish you had a magic fairy who could do it all for you?


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Whilst I might not be a magic fairy, I can take on your website care, leaving you free to do what you do best. 

(I’ll let you into a secret, I really enjoy working with websites.  Solving those gnarly issues, playing around in the back-end, making your site work as you need it to do.  This is fun for me.)

Sign up for a website care plan with Web Alchemy, from just £40 a month.  

So what do you get for your website care plan? 

Most importantly, you get peace of mind.  I’ll keep your site updated, protected against nasty gremlins, and you’ll get some of my web expert time as well.  Whilst it might seem like an investment of money, I’m actually giving you back lots of time and taking away your stress.  Something that might have taken you hours and hours, I can do quickly.

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1) Updating & Optimisation

Web Alchemy will keep your website up to date, which is the best way to keep it running smoothly, quickly and safe from hackers. 

  • WordPress and your theme, monitored 24/7 & updated at least weekly
  • Your website cleaned and optimized weekly
  • All your plugins monitored and updated (weekl

2) Monitoring & Protecting

We’ll monitor your site against spam, hackers and other nasty gremlins, and protect it from attacks.

  • Website protection
  • Daily scanning and monitoring
  • Hackers & spam denied
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3) Backups of your website

In case the worse does happen, we’ll always have a recent copy of your website ready and waiting to be redeployed.

  • Backups made weekly, or more as needed
  • Reliable backups on off-site storage

4) Monthly Reports

Each month, you’ll get a report, so you can keep track of how your website is performing, and what we’re doing to keep it running smoothly and safely for you.

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Wait, there’s more!  We’ll also provide an hour’s worth of our time each month for you to use! Whether that’s uploading a blog, changing over a plugin, adding in a new feature, we’re there for you.

Our hourly rate starts from £50, so that’s a huge saving straight away!

So, sit back, enjoy a cuppa, and let Web Alchemy manage your website.

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Can you manage my e-commerce site?

That’s grand, we can manage the website side of an ecommerce site.  This will cost more, as there is more work required, and if you’re a busy site, you’ll need hourly backups, etc.

Drop me a line below and we can chat more about what your business needs.

What about my membership site?

My favourite! I love working on, and caring for, membership sites.  Something about a sense of community and shared purpose – sign me up!

I need more design hours put into my site

That’s absolutely fine, we can do this, and as a care plan client, you’ll get a discount for the additional hours. 

If you need one-off design changes then we can quote for that separately.  

Will you host my site?

Yes, absolutely.  Contact us for more information.  

Are there set up or leave fees?

You can leave us at any point, just give us notice and you can see your month out.  There’s no fee to leave. 

If we’ve designed your site, then you’ll get to move onto our care plans straight away, with no set up cost.  (In fact, you probably negotiated a few months of care at a discount, right?!)

If it’s been over six months since we set up your website, or you’re new to us, then there will be a one-off set up fee from £150. This covers the time involved in getting to know your website, making good any issues that have arisen, and setting everything up.  

Contact us below for more details.

Can you guard against all evil internet forces

No, we can’t guard against all evil internet forces.  At a time when even Google, Amazon, Microsoft or government sites get gremlins, it’s possible that even your site might get attacked.  But, we’ll do all we reasonably can to prevent this.  And if the worse does happen, we’ll have your backups ready to redeploy once the evil has been tamed.

But I really don't think I need your help!

For many people, particularly smaller businesses that are starting up, it’s hard to find the money to spend on a website care plan.

Instead of looking at it as a cost, think of it as an investment.  For just £40 a month, you don’t need to worry about your website, you can be reassured that it’s safe and up to date.  When you want something changed with your site, I’ll be there ready and waiting for you. All that time and energy will be freed up, so you can spend it on your own business. Or with the kids.  Or in the garden, or the pub…. 

Want to know more? Fancy a cuppa? Just want a chat? Get in touch here: