Web Alchemy Price Guide

I’m often asked how much I charge for a website build, and the quick answer is that it depends on what you need!

But that’s not what you’re here for, right?  You’d like a rough idea, so you know what to budget for.

Read on to find out more about pricing new website builds.


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Every website I create is unique, and I price accordingly. Get in touch and I will create a bespoke quote just for your business.

This guide gives an indication of prices for different website ambitions. 

Have a look through, and hopefully not only will you get an idea of budget needed, but you’ll also have a much clearer idea of what a great website can do for you.

What does your business need from a website?  Why do you need Web Alchemy to build you an online presence?

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1) Strong online presence

We solidify your online presence by designing a site that’s trustworthy, warm and personable.

We start from the perspective of your clients, to ensure the website works well for them.  

Happy clients means more business for you!

2) Flexible Structures

We make websites that are easy to configure, using WordPress, to allow your website to evolve over time.

Whether you want to take on management of your site yourself, or have Web Alchemy continue to manage it, we’ll make sure that it’s easy to change, refresh and update your site.

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3) Efficient processes

We improve the user experience, saving you time and money by automating your business processes, whether that’s appointment bookings, queries or enquiries.

One happy Web Alchemy client called us ‘miracle workers’ after we automated all of her client intake, booking and payments, through her website.  Bookings went up, cancellations went down, and she is one happy customer!

4) Track Progress

We connect the dots across your customers’ website journeys, so you can make the most out of each visit to your website.  Which means more revenue coming into your business!

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What makes Web Alchemy different?

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> We truly engage with our clients

Our starting point for all clients is to get to know them and their business and clients. 

> We go into detail

We work together to develop an understanding of what your clients are after, who they are and what their pain points are.

Essentially, it’s user focused design.

> We make websites that work for your business

Our job is to help you find this information and make it work for you, your business and your clients.

This means we go beyond the techy stuff to understand your business.

What can you expect from your web design journey?

1. Learn

We learn about your customers and their business needs.

3. Build

We build your bespoke new website with the insights we’ve gained.

5. Deliver 

We deliver to you, your shiny new, bespoke website.


2. Design

Based on this insight, we’ll design 2 mock-ups and the site map.

Once agreed, you’ll develop the content ahead of stage 3 – the build.

4. Review

We listen to your feedback to finalise and perfect your website.

6. Launch

We work together to launch your wonderful new website, and you’ll see the magic in your business

Explore a case study: Milly Roberts Health & Fitness

Services provided:

We transformed Milly’s existing website into a professional online presence. We automated her bookings and payment process.

  • Locked in business with automated booking system, avoiding last-minute cancellations and varying class sizes.
  • Saved time in business management with automated bookings, client intakes, and no overbooked classes.
  • 100% payments tracked and made on time with banking automation, avoiding manual payment set-ups and cash payments.
Milly Roberts Project

“Helen’s ideas and skills have benefited my site and business as I now have more time to invest elsewhere. Having made the decision to involve you more intricately in my business, I literally feel like anything is possible!”

How much can you expect to invest on a new website with Web Alchemy? Below is a price guide, a bespoke quote will be provided based on your needs.

Do you have any additional questions?

Can you create a membership site?

My favourite! I love working on, and caring for, membership sites.  Something about a sense of community and shared purpose – sign me up!

Will you host my site?

Yes, absolutely.  You get a year’s free hosting with the website build.

I need to see some of your work

Absolutely, have a look at our projects page for a selection of our favourite sites. 

Want to know more? Fancy a cuppa? Just want a chat? Get in touch here: