How to bring your website to life through images

Are you looking to make your website seem more alive, vivid and fresh? But not sure what’s missing… well look no further – you need an action shot!

One recent trend in webdesign has been the use of flat, vector, images. This creates gorgeously sleek websites, and as a website design style, is worthy of use. I’m a big fan of flat images – but let’s be honest, they’re still not as powerful as a high quality photo.

Flat vector website

Example of effective use of flat vector images

However, this can leave your website looking flat, impersonal and let’s be honest, a bit dull.  I just love seeing action shots on websites, they do so well at bringing websites to life.

What is an Action Shot?

A picture is worth a thousand words – so here’s a perfect example for what an action shot is and isn’t.

The Perfect Action Shot

An action shot is a photograph that captures a sense of movement. It’s the opposite of a static or posed image.

Almost every website benefits from an action shot.  Whether your business is finance, accounting, baking or fitness related – they all benefit from an action shot. 

Here are some great examples of websites that use action shots:

Action Shot product

Fab use of action shots to model clothes, at

Action Shot Teaching Website

Almost every image on is action, and it brings such a feeling of life and draws you in

Why use an Action Shot?

Action shots provide a sense of energy, movement and relevance to your website, and therefore your business.  Action shots are great for grabbing attention and keeping people on your website.

How to get good Action Shots?

When on your photoshoot, get a wide variety of action shots. 

Close ups of your hands working with your product, and wider shots as well, such as you jumping. Bring life and movement into the shots, whilst keeping them relevant. 

Action Shot Design

This is one of my favourite action shots! The balance is pretty perfect, and the movement is so subtle but still effective.

Often action shots are captured in a ‘behind the scenes’ photoshoot.  You’re enabling your website visitors to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the product or service you’re offering.  All of this helps to build brand loyalty, which in turn, drives sales.

Photographers will know how to capture action shots, but if you’re doing it yourself with a camera, use a fast shutter speed.  Something like 1/1000 should capture that sense of movement. Make sure you’re focusing clearly on the subject, so it’s not blurry as that will distort the sense of movement.  If you’re using a phone camera (which can still get you great images), use a sports mode if you have one, or use continuous shooting mode.

But I’m an accountant, how can I bring action?! 

Believe me, even (or maybe especially) service websites such as lawyers, accountants etc, need a sense of action. Think creatively about how you bring movement into your work.

What about getting a shot of you working with a client – bring some movement into it!

Cash moving, your pen, papers… whatever works. 

Action Shot Banking

Even banking websites can have action photos! Morgan Stanley have made good use of action shots throughout their pages.

Estate agents and conveyancers, can be creative and find images such as a kettle boiling in a new home, keys dangling from a lock.

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