Case Study: T21 Friends

Client Brief: Provide a web presence for a local community group, championing their work supporting local families with children with Down’s Syndrome.


Learning about the client

T21 Friends is a group of families based in and around Eastbourne.  They all have a family with at least one child with Down’s Syndrome.  The group provides peer to peer support, fundraises to provide therapies for the children, and lobbies locally for better services for children with Down’s Syndrome.

The group needed an online presence to make it easier for new parents to find and connect with them, and to promote and showcase their work.


Developing the brand

With limited budget and time, T21 Friends had just a logo designed. So I had lots of flexibility to design a brand that would work for the group.

We went for two blues – a lighter blue for header text, and a deep navy blue for the body text. We chose clean san-serif fonts, with additional letter spacing for the headers, to support accessibility.



The design takes shape

Not all websites need multiple pages, and this site is a perfect example of how to incorporate all the necessary elements into  a one-page site. 

We used plenty of white space and blocks to create differentiation between the elements, and encouraging the eye to keep on exploring. 

A one-page website can still have a menu, and the T21 Friends site combines the menu and anchors to great effect.   The menu choices are clear and straight-forward, they speak to “who” is looking at the site.

One key element in creating such a beautiful site, was having professional photos of the children and families involved.  It’s a pleasure to work with such wonderfully gorgeous children. Using the group’s own children also built a sense of ownership of the site, with the group. 


T21 friends website
What the client said:

“Wow, looks amazing!”

“It looks wonderful!  You’re brilliant Helen!”